I have been working creatively (UK and internationally) in the advertising and media industry for over 25 years. I am at home at the creative end of digital or print: art-directing, designing, visualising, high-end or low-end retouch and illustration (manual or digital). Currently I am most interested in 3D, digital design and animation. I have worked for many of the major advertising/design agencies in London on a wide range of projects for major clients.

Having managed a studio in the UK, worked as head designer in Australia and freelanced in London for nearly 20 years, I understand the need for clear communication and an organised work process. I have been praised for my methodical work ethic, high standard of professionalism and eye for detail.

Outside of the professional career, I am a (lapsed) qualified EMT-B paramedic having trained in Guatemala City. A keen on and off-road motorcyclist and avid cyclist (11+ years commuting in London). I love to travel and enjoy mountain hiking, skiing, general fitness and any adrenalin-inducing challenge. (Important note: I have now a 4yo and a 1yo who demand all excess time and makes the previous note wishful thinking currently. All other activities are on temporary hiatus!)

I am a limited company, trading as Conceptualize Limited.

Freelance contractor, London and internationally
06.2001 to present

Head designer, Colemans pty ltd, Australia
08.1999 – 09.2000

Studio manager & designer, Tring Int. plc, UK
04.1997 – 11.1998

Freelance graphic designer, Various agencies
09.1995 – 04.1997

_Adobe Creative Cloud:
(Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, Acrobat etc.)
_Cinema 4-D
_After Effects
_On Shape

_Art Direction
_Design (digital & print)
_High and low-end retouching:
(from LR digital to Out-of-home)
_Interactive PDFs
_Digital animation
_3D modelling
_Illustration/Digital Scamping
_Creative artworking